Priority COVID-19 Testing for Staff

Priority COVID-19 Testing for Staff
Posted on 01/05/2021

As part of the State of Connecticut's testing program Connecticut’s testing partners are providing priority access for childcare and early childhood staff, teachers, and first responders.

Priority access is intended for staff who need to get tested quickly, in order to ensure their work day is not interrupted – but is not intended for the family and friends of said workers.


You can find a testing site at this link here:


Here's who qualifies:


·         Teachers

·         Public Works

·         Teachers/School Staff (including Bus Drivers)

·         Early Childhood/Child Care Professionals

·         Police Officers

·         Fire Fighters

·         Paramedics/EMT

·         National Guard

·         Dispatchers


Priority service is being provided in a number of ways such as extended hours, separate lanes, personal scheduling support, or a combination of these options. Each testing site may have slightly different processes, and you can get further information from the provider for each site. Please also note that additional sites including hospitals and pharmacies may include additional priority access for first responders.