District Custodial & Maintenance Staff Spotlight

District Custodial & Maintenance Staff for Outstanding Contributions in Preparing for School Reopening
Posted on 09/17/2020

The Norwalk Board of Education is proud to recognize the district custodial and maintenance staff for supporting our students, educators and schools with unwaveringly commitment leading up to the new school year. These dedicated workers enabled a safe return to school, and continue to ensure that students can learn each day in a beneficial and healthy environment.  

Leading up to the school year, much preparation went into creating safe spaces for students and staff. The custodial and maintenance staff worked tirelessly to move thousands of pieces of furniture out of schools and into storage pods to allow for social distancing in classrooms, gymnasiums and cafeterias. The staff also installed plexi glass in key areas and installed UV HEPA filters in every classroom.

To help promote social distancing in hallways, classrooms and common areas, and encourage hand sanitization, custodians installed over 6,000 COVID related signs throughout schools. Maintenance staff made countless deliveries with supplies and materials to each building on a daily basis. Additionally, maintenance prepared all of the ventilation systems throughout the district, replaced air filters, and installed sanitizer dispensers in every classroom.

Following guidance from Connecticut Department of Public Health and Connecticut Department of Education and our local health professionals, our dedicated custodial staff implements critical cleaning and disinfecting protocol each day. Not only do custodians clean schools thoroughly and regularly when students and staff have gone home for the day, they are responsible for sanitizing high touch points such as door handles, table tops and student desks on a regular basis throughout the school day. Additionally, the custodial staff ensures that bathrooms are cleaned a minimum of twice a day.

The Board of Education recognizes all custodians and maintenance staff, whose commitment enables students to learn, and educators to teach, in a socially distanced, well-maintained and clean environment.

Please enjoy this video recognizing several of our custodial and maintenance staff members as representatives of the entire group. We thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for Norwalk Public Schools!