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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions in Dining Services

  • Where can I find a meal application for free or reduced lunch?
  • Meal applications are no longer required. 
    • Norwalk is Community Eligible. This means any and all families can eat breakfast and lunch at no charge. No applications needed. 
  • How do I apply for SNAP  Benefits?
    • You can visit the Norwalk Public schools website> departments>food services> forms and applications for information and End Hunger Connecticut SNAP Application assistance.
  • How much money should I give my child each day?
    • Norwalk is a cashless district.
    • Parents or Guardians must open a My School Bucks account to add funds and pay for snacks, additional beverages and A la Carte items.
  • The A la Carte prices are listed below click on the associated grade level for your child.
    • Elementary A la Carte prices 
    • Middle school A la Carte prices
    • High School A la Carte prices 
    • Cashiers at the schools will not accept cash or checks at the registers.
    • If your child wants to purchase an a la carte item please ensure that money is available in their account. 
    • NPS will not run a deficit on any student accounts.
    • If the account has a zero balance the student will be instructed to take the free meal instead of the a la carte item.
  • Can my Child eat lunch even if they have a Nut Allergy?
    • Yes. Norwalk Public schools is a nut free district. We do not serve items containing nuts in the cafeteria.
  • Who can I contact if my child has other allergies?
    • First contact your child’s school nurse.
    • Then you can visit the Food Service website to view the allergens for the menu item listed that day.
  • What if I need a special menu like gluten free?
    • Please let us know right away.
    • You can contact Angela Valentin the Chartwells Food Service Director at 203 899 2992 for special menu options.
    • This can be arranged with the cafeteria supervisor at your school.

Staff for Norwalk Public Schools Dining Services

Jill Kress – Norwalk Public Schools State and Food Service Liaison

Angela Valentin- Chartwells District Manager

Brett Harding- Chartwells Operations Manager

Kelly Gruber , RD – Chartwells Wellness and Student Engagement

Vanessa Nashe- Chartwells Chef Manager Secondary Schools

Larry Luizzi- Chartwells Chef Manager, Central Kitchen