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Posted Date: 08/20/2020


A fifth grade teacher with almost two decades of experience in the Wolfpit community has been named Norwalk Public Schools Teacher of the Year. Steven McAuley will represent NPS teachers in Connecticut’s 2021 Teacher of the Year program, which celebrates excellence in public education.    

McAuley engages students via subjects that are of interest to them, enabling him to build a strong rapport both in his classroom and beyond, while reaching children on an academic and social emotional level. By incorporating topics such as equal rights and justice into every day lessons, students leave McAuley’s classroom with the understanding that their voices matter. 

“As a lifelong learner and a leader, my role is to be there for our students,” says McAuley. “Every generation faces obstacles, yet this generation of youngsters are in a particularly great time of challenge. I’m proud to represent all of the NPS teachers who wear many different hats each day to ensure that our students are ready for the world.”

As an Invention Convention lead teacher, McAuley worked with staff and supported students as they developed innovations to solve real-world problems.  Four Wolfpit students moved on to the state level Invention Convention. One Wolfpit student also advanced to the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo in Michigan, held at The Henry Ford Museum.

An active member of the school community, McAuley has served as technology liaison and PTO teacher representative at Wolfpit. His dedication to both colleagues and students can be

seen in the relationships he has built as an active member of the Wolfpit Leadership Committee and through mentor work.

In 2016, McAuley was named a Funds For Teachers Fellow, which recognizes visionary teachers across the state giving them the opportunity to explore various interests across the world.

McAuley’s selection at Norwalk Teacher of the Year follows his recognition at the annual Norwalk Excellence in Education awards. Educators were nominated by their peers and endorsed by each School Governance Council, making them eligible to be considered for recognition as Norwalk’s Teacher of the Year.  Previous Norwalk Teacher of The Year recipients were Dr. Robert Seferian (2018), Rosemary Holomakoff (2019) and Glenn Couture (2020).

Like Norwalk’s Excellence in Education recognition, the Connecticut Teacher of the Year initiative aims to recognize and honor teaching excellence. It does not attempt to select the "best" teacher, but looks to celebrate what is best in the profession. Nominees from each district will participate in a celebration toward the end of the year. The teacher selected as the 2021 Connecticut Teacher of the Year then moves on to the national program.