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Posted Date: 06/10/2021


NPS is proud to recognize the teachers, administrators, and staff members who have announced their retirements this year. These individuals have enthusiastically devoted their careers to helping students grow and thrive. The hard work and dedication of these employees is a legacy that NPS students will carry with them long after graduation. We offer our sincere gratitude for their years of service to Norwalk Public Schools. 


Alvin Mosby, Brien McMahon High School, Custodian

William  Newtown, Brien McMahon High School, Custodian

Rosina Pansino, Brien McMahon High School, Library Assistant

Linda Lambert, Brien McMahon High School, Paraeducator/Special Education

Tony Miller, Brien McMahon High School, Security Guard

Denise Pipenur, Brien McMahon High School, Speech & Language Pathologist

Christine Vander Werff, Brien McMahon High School, Teacher

Joanne DeSimone, Brookside Elementary School, Paraeducator/Reading Interventionist

Tracey Sutton Brookside Elementary School Teacher

Laurie Cawley, Center for Global Studies, Administrative Secretary

Annette Peterson, Central Kitchen, Cafeteria Worker

Renee Figueroa, Central Kitchen, Food Service Worker

James Miller, Central Kitchen, Food Service Worker

Maria Sciarabba, Central Kitchen, Food Service Worker

Paul Kaminski, Central Office – Facilities Maintenance/Painter

Donna Rastocky, Central Office – HR, Benefits Specialist

Claudia  Tata, Central Office - HR, District Partner

Joseph Rodriguez, Central Office – HR, Talent Acquisition Lead

Helene Becker, Central Office – MLL, Director of English Language Learning

Stewart Muchnick, Central Office - Grants & Compliance Finance Specialist

Yvette Goorevitch, Central Office – Special Education, Chief of Specialized Learning

Susan Zanone, Columbus Magnet School, Teacher

John Turchick, Cranbury Elementary School, Teacher

Dianne Gilmore, Cranbury Elementary School, Teacher

Laura Rubinson, Cranbury Elementary School, Teacher

Kathleen Jaeger, Cranbury Elementary School, Teacher

Laurie English, Fox Run Elementary School, Teacher

Margaret Kelley, Fox Run Elementary School, Teacher

Jimmy Pen, Marvin Elementary School, Custodian

Rebecca Sweeney, Marvin Elementary School, Paraeducator/Reading Interventionist

Kathryn McLean, Marvin Elementary School, School Nurse

Sharlia Gilman, Marvin Elementary School, Teacher

Joanne Skloot, Marvin Elementary School, Teacher

Sandra Navone, Marvin Elementary School, Teacher

Pamela Gorian, Naramake Elementary School, Paraeducator

Iziar Mikolic, Naramake Elementary School, Teacher

Doretta Hilliard, Nathan Hale Middle School, Custodian

Kathy Lanzaro, Nathan Hale Middle School, Hearing/OT/PT

Sandra Scarso, Nathan Hale Middle School, Paraeducator

Patricia Olson, Nathan Hale Middle School, Paraeducator/Special Education

Robin Risolo, Nathan Hale Middle School, Teacher

Laura White, NECC, Paraeducator/Special Education

Clyde Richards, Norwalk High School, Custodian

Linda Serena, Norwalk High School, Paraeducator/Special Education

Todd Alley, Norwalk High School, Teacher

Thomas Calzone, Norwalk High School, Teacher

Karen Masek, Norwalk High School, Teacher

Michael Belmonte, Norwalk High School, Teacher

Laura Vancini, Norwalk High School, Teacher

Joan Lucia-Foley, Norwalk High School, Teacher

Barbara Canty, Ponus Ridge Middle School, Assistant Cook

Sherri Daley, Ponus Ridge Middle School, Teacher, ELA

Faith Ippolito, Roton Middle School, ISS Aide

Lorry Given, Roton Middle School, Teacher

Ana Ramirez, Rowayton Elemantary School, Paraeducator/Special Education

Frances Iacono, Rowayton Elemantary School, Paraeducator/Special Education

Marie Pino, Silvermine Elementary School, Paraeducator

Karen Giannitti, Tracey Elementary School, Paraeducator

Deborah LeDuc, Tracey Elementary School, Paraeducator

Stephen Smoragiewicz, Tracey Elementary School, Teacher

Rosemary Holomakoff, Tracey Elementary School, Teacher

Linda Goldman, West Rocks Middle School, Administrative Secretary

Gail Morris, West Rocks Middle School, Paraeducator/Special Education

Christine Martenso, West Rocks Middle School, Teacher

Gladys Morales, Wolfpit Elementary School, Paraeducator/Special Education