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For the 2020-2021 school year, Norwalk will use AimswebPlus as an assessment and reporting system for students in kindergarten through grade 8. Results will help teachers adjust the level and intensity of instruction to the needs of each student. AimswebPlus screeners will be given to all students in reading and math, three times per year.

The screener will identify students that are likely to struggle and a plan for extra instruction and progress monitoring will be developed. Teachers use the aimswebPlus system as a tool to ensure that all students are on schedule to meet their year-end reading and math goals.

2021 Winter District Testing Window

  • Literacy: January 27th through February 10th
  • Math: January 27th through February 17th   

Students in Kindergarten and first grade are tested individually with a set of early literacy and numeracy measures. Each measure takes one to three minutes. For grades 2 through 8, students test online. Students in upper grades test for approximately one hour in reading and one hour for math.

For a brief description of the tested AimswebPlus measures, please click below.