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Additional Resources

Norwalk Public Schools collaborates with a wide variety of organizations and services throughout the City of Norwalk. 

Below are links to some of the key resources and organizations that parents, guardians, students and staff may find useful.

Educational Resources

  • Provider of Quality After School Enrichment Programs to Norwalk's Students!

    K-5 Programs

    • For questions about our grades K-5 after school programs, please contact our Director of Elementary School Based Programs,

    Middle School High School Programs

    • For questions about Middle and High School after school programs, please contact our Manager of School Based Programs,

    Registration for Carver ATB, CASPER, Middle School and High School Programs will begin over the summer.  Please visit!/home/auth/login?r=carverafterschool for more information.

    ** FInal Payments for After the Bell should be paid on My School Bucks

    After the Bell Contact Numbers:

    • Brookside 475-459-5495
    • Cranbury 475-459-5494
    • Jefferson 475-459-5496
    • Kendall 475-459-5497
    • Marvin 475-459-5498
    • Rowayton: 203-899-2940 ext 43119
    • Silvermine: 203-899-2950 ext 44137
    • Tracey 475-459-5499
    • Wolfpit 475-459-5491
  • NPS Mentor Program - One hour a week can change lives!
    Established in 1986, the Norwalk Mentor Program was the first school-based mentoring program in the country.  The Program's original premise remains constant today - matching deserving students with positive adult role models can make a significant difference in the lives of those students served.  The Norwalk Mentor Program (NMP), a program of the Human Services Council in collaboration with the Norwalk Public Schools, coordinates a structured one-on-one relationship between a student and a caring adult volunteer.  This unique approach provides youth with an adult who can meet them for approximately one hour per week at school during the school year and engage in academic and/or social activities conducive to the school setting.  The mentor offers guidance, support, and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentees.

    Mentees Often Experience Improved:

    • Academic performance
    • Attendance
    • Attitudes towards schoolwork
    • Communication skills
    • Peer/family relationships
    • Self-esteem
    • Self-control
    • Classroom behavior
    • Ability to follow directions
    • Ability to say no to drugs and alcohol

    Mentoring Benefits Employers and Employees

    Employees who are mentors:

    Improve their morale

    • Experience greater job satisfaction
    • Are willing to work longer hours
    • Are more appreciative of youth from diverse backgrounds
    • Are more loyal and have greater pride in their company
    • Feel better about themselves for having affected a child's life
    • Learn more about themselves
    • Are more patient
    • Increase their own sense of responsibility
    • Get along better with their own spouses, children and significant others
    • Accept more challenges at work and at home.

    Mentoring Benefits Businesses
    As if benefits to employees are not enough, businesses also benefit from mentoring. Companies have found that they have:

    • Improved their image in the community
    • Increased community awareness of their mission
    • Prepared the work force of the twenty-first century
    • Advanced their diversity goals

    A Connecticut Mentoring Partnership study of 500 mentors found:

    • 95% were satisfied with the experience
    • 99% believe their company should invest in youth (through future workforce)
    • 89% said the mentoring program made them proud to work for their company
    • 63% said they feel more productive at work after mentoring

    For more information on the Norwalk Mentor Program or for an application, please contact:

    Nancy Pratt, Director, Norwalk Mentor Program
    Human Services Council
    1 Park Street ∙ Norwalk, CT 06851
    (203)849-1111 ∙

  • ConnCAN is leading a movement to improve education outcomes for Connecticut’s kids. They bring advocates, policymakers, parents and educators together to give all kids access to the great public schools they deserve.

  • Child Development Infoline (CDI) is a specialized unit of United Way of Connecticut. Care Coordinators are available to answer the phone Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm, except on holidays. Messages can be left 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are returned promptly. This service is free and confidential, with multi-lingual and TTY capacity.

    For more information, please visit: Child Development Info Online

  • The Connecticut State Department of Education is the administrative arm of the Connecticut State Board of Education. Through leadership, curriculum, research, planning, evaluation, assessment, data analyses and other assistance, the Department helps to ensure equal opportunity and excellence in education for all Connecticut students. The Department is responsible for distributing funds to all Connecticut public school districts. The Department also operates the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System. 

    To visit the Connecticut State Department of Education website, please click here.

  • The Norwalk Education Foundation (NEF) has been working on behalf of the students and teachers in the Norwalk Public Schools since 1998.  Like scores of local education funds throughout the United States, they work with, but are independent of, our local school systems.

    The NEF works for accountability and achievement of high standards in public education, and advocate for significant improvement in public schools. They also generate resources to address specific needs throughout the Norwalk school system.
    When NEF was launched Norwalk Public Schools needed resources to address a gap in technology training for teachers. NEF raised funds for Teacher Technology Training programs and ran the training programs with an NEF Technology Specialist. This program has grown increasingly important as education technology has expanded. There is an ongoing need for teachers to keep up with technology in both the classroom and as a way to manage student data and assess student needs.

    NEF has three major impact areas:

    • Social Emotional/ Wellness
    • Excellence in Education
    • Teacher Mini Grants/ Shark Tank

    For more information, or to contact the NEF, please click here. 

  • The Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of the many people Kevin touched in his short life. Kevin, an 18-year-old dean’s list freshman in the honors program at Boston College, passed away from cardiac arrest on January 23, 1997 while playing intramural basketball. Kevin set the example of the passion and sincerity we should bring to each day. He was an individual with vision, commitment, abiding hope, aspirations, and compassion. And when we look back, it was a life, albeit a glimpse of life, by which people can be measured and judged by.

    The mission of the Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund is to preserve Kevin’s spirit by paying tribute to achievements in academics, athletics, arts, and the virtues of service and faith that were the essence of Kevin’s life.

    With nine scholarships, valued at $126,000, to be awarded to the class of 2021, Kevin's Fund will have provided nearly $2.4 Million in financial support over 170 exemplary young men and women matriculating at over 70 diverse colleges and universities in Kevin's memory. 

    For additional information on Kevin’s Fund, please visit their website by clicking here. 

    On Friday, June 25th, the Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund, (Kevin’s Fund), announced Alexandra Koletsos as the 25th recipient of Kevin’s Norwalk High School Scholarship.


    The $100,000 scholarship was awarded to Alex, being judged as the most outstanding senior in the Norwalk High School Class of 2021. This scholarship is in recognition of her outstanding depth of commitment and breadth of interests, involvements, and accomplishments across the spectrum of academics, athletics, arts, and community and religious service, all areas in which Kevin participated and excelled. Alex will attend Columbia University in the fall. Alex was also recipient of Kevin’s Scholar-Athlete and Distinguished Student Speaker scholarships.

    Gregory Calnon, chair of the Fund’s Scholarship Selection Committee, and first recipient of this scholarship in 1997, presented Alex with the scholarship in front of a gathering of 170 attendees, including 14 past scholarship recipients, (see below for list), of the Norwalk High School scholarship present.

    Alex was selected from a pool of applicants meeting the following criteria for the scholarship:

    • Resident of Norwalk, CT.
    • U.S. citizen, or by time of submission of the final application, will be a U.S. citizen.
    • In continued good standing in both Norwalk High School and their community.
    • A member of the Kevin M. Eidt Chapter of the Norwalk High School Honor Society.
    • Academically ranked in the top 10% of their class at the end of junior year.
    • Able to complete a minimum of six full semesters at Norwalk High School by the time of graduation.
    • Planning to enroll in a four-year accredited U.S. college or university in the fall of 2021. The college or university must be a public or private, not for profit institution from which one can receive a bachelor’s degree.

    Alex was ranked first in her class at the end of junior year with a 4.53 GPA. During senior year she maintained  4.9 GPA while taking advanced placement courses in Biology,  Literature and Composition, Statistics, and Spanish Language.

    Alex is President of the Kevin M. Eidt Chapter of the National Honor Society and Co-President of the Spanish National Honor Society.

    Alex was part of the Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field team and Cross-County team and captain of the Outdoor and Cross-Country teams. Alex was selected by Norwalk High School as the female scholar-athlete to represent the school at the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference awards banquet.

    Alex is a four-year member of the school’s Orchestra.

    Alex volunteers at the Maplewood Senior Living and at the Norwalk Public Library, and is an active member or BROWN, (Bears Reaching Out Within Norwalk), Norwalk High School’s community service club.

    Alex is an active member of the Greek Orthodox Youth of America.

    Alex has also tutored with the Kumon Math and Reading Center and worked at the Gazy Brother’s Farm tent at the Farmer’s Market.

  • The Norwalk PTO Council is a volunteer group of Parents and Professionals working together as the Executive Team & Voting PTO Council Members, whom are PTO Representatives from each school in the district

    Their Mission of the Norwalk PTO Council is:

    • to support and speak on behalf of the educational needs of all Norwalk Public School children, whenever and wherever possible, to serve as a resource for parents and the community on educational issues

    • maximize opportunities for communication between parents, teachers, administrators, Board Of Education members, government officials and the general public.

    The Norwalk PTO Council is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.

    For additional information of the PTO Council, please visit 

Community Resources

  • The Norwalk Website is designed to provide the information needed to work with the City. The site provides access to various services, schedules and news items. Many permits can be obtained directly through the City of Norwalk site. Jobs and bid openings are also posted here, as well as agendas and minutes related to all official meetings.

    To visit the City of Norwalk website, please click here. 

  • The Norwalk Public Library System, with our open access to diverse resources, is the information and cultural center for Norwalk citizens and businesses.

    To find books, digital resources, movies, music, to get a library card, or join their mailing list, please visit their website by clicking here. 

    Location & Hours

    Norwalk Public Library

    1 Belden Avenue

    Norwalk, CT 06850

    Mon, Tue, Wed. Fri, Sat, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
    Thurs, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

    Sun CLOSED

    Phone: 203-899-2780

    South Norwalk Public Library

    10 Washington Street

    Norwalk, CT 06854

    Mon, Wed, Thurs,  Fri, Sat  10:00 am - 5:30 pm
    Tue, 11:30 am - 7:00 pm

    Sun. Closed

    Phone: 203-899-2790

  • Norwalk ACTS was initially conceived as a coalition of leaders and organizations to proactively address suspension rates in the Norwalk Public Schools, aspects of No Child Left Behind, and the fact that Connecticut has the largest achievement gap in the nation between low-income children and their more affluent peers.

    Norwalk ACTS is determined to break down barriers, change or rebuild systems, and improve outcomes for all Norwalk’s children and families regardless of race, neighborhood, or by the conditions in which they are born. 

    For more information, or to get involved with Norwalk ACTS, please click here. 

  • The Courage to Speak® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing a home, school and community approach to drug prevention through substance use prevention programs including presentations, community forums, evidenced based school curriculum, and parenting programs. The Foundation delivers social-emotional skill building programs to increase youth’s ability to live healthy lives and empowers parents with skills to communicate effectively with their children about the dangers of drugs. The Courage to Speak® substance use prevention programs were evaluated by Yale University School of Medicine and were found to produce significant positive changes in communication and behavior among students and parents.

    The organization was founded in 1996 by Ginger and Larry Katz and is devoted to fulfilling a promise Ginger made to her son, Ian, who died when he was just 20 years old of a heroin and prescription drug overdose – to do everything in her power to prevent this tragedy from happening to another family. The heart of the work is the nationally renowned Courage to Speak® Presentation. Ginger Katz tells the story of how her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs began with cigarettes, beer and marijuana, and ended with his death from an overdose.

    The Courage to Speak® substance use prevention programs have been in 40 states, 89 towns in Connecticut and 2 countries. Over a million students, parents, teachers, health professionals and others across the country have been involved in the Foundation’s programs. Developed with teams of experts in the prevention field, The Foundation’s programs include: an 8-lesson Elementary School Program (Grades 4-6) based on the book Sunny’s Story written by CEO and Founder Ginger Katz; a 16-lesson Middle School Program (Grades 7-8); a 12-lesson High School Program; and an After-School Program (4-8) and Courage to Speak-Courageous Parenting 101® a multi-session course offered in both English and Spanish, providing parents with tools to communicate effectively with their children about the dangers of drugs.

    Please click here to access the Courage to Speak Foundation.

  • Filling in the Blanks fights childhood hunger by providing children in need with meals on the weekends. 

    Is your child in need of weekend food? Sign up HERE for free weekend food.

    Filling in the Blanks was founded by mothers and community activists, Shawnee Knight and Tina Kramer, who created the nonprofit as a way to marry their loves of community, children, food and charity. In 2013, Knight and Kramer created Filling in the Blanks which has now expanded to include 60 schools throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties and has delivered over ONE MILLION-weekend meals to children in low-income households.

    For additional information on Fill in the Blanks, please click here.

  • Wellness is more than being free from illness. The things we do and the emotions we feel all relate to our overall wellness and our actions and emotions affect our wellbeing. Therefore, it is important to make healthy choices for both your physical and mental well-being in order to lower stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions. HealthyLivesCT was created to provide Connecticut residents with resources to support and promote overall wellness.

    Connecticut is committed to the health and wellness of its citizens. Healthy Lives Connecticut provides information and tools for maintaining or regaining wellness in the areas of emotional wellnessphysical wellnessholistic wellnessfinancial wellness, and recovery from addiction issues.  The site also includes self-screening tools for mental health and addictions which are anonymous and confidential.

    For additional information on Healthy Lives CT, please click here.

  • Understanding the issues concerning suicide and mental health is an important way to take part in suicide prevention, help others in crisis, and change the conversation around suicide.

    Call the Lifeline Anytime, 24/7: 1-800-273-8255

    Please click here for more information on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

  • School-Based Health Care (SBHC) staff are licensed health care providers, who work with school nurses to provide expanded medical, behavioral health, and dental services to students during the school day. They work in conjunction with the student’s primary care providers to support their health care needs.

    SBHC staff provides many health services, including back-to-school physicals, sports physicals, and vaccinations. Other services include:

    • Telehealth school-based health care is available to support your child’s healthcare needs. Visits are available in person, online or over the phone. Children will have access if learning in school or at home. Click here to learn more.
    • Diagnosis & treatment of illnesses and injuries (including headaches, strep throat, abdominal pain, the common cold, etc.)
    • Laboratory testing
    • Chronic disease management
    • Immunizations
    • Prescribing and dispensing of medications
    • Individual, group, and family therapy
    • Crisis intervention
    • Dental exams and x-rays
    • Oral hygiene cleanings
    • Dental services such as fluoride varnish or sealants
    • Referrals to outside offices as needed.

    Any student can be seen at a SBHC regardless of insurance status. Insurance is billed for services; however, there are no out-of-pocket costs to the family for Medical or Behavioral Health services. For students without insurance, there are small fees associated with Dental services.

    For more information, please click here:

  • The Norwalk Partnership brings community members and organizations together to prevent substance misuse among youth and young adults by addressing local conditions.

    In so doing, they contribute to their vision of Norwalk as a community that fosters mental wellbeing and supports safe and healthy behaviors across the lifespan. 

    For more information on The Norwalk Partnership, please click here. 

Gifted and Talented Resources

  • Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG)

    The Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG) was founded in 1969 and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 1990. Our membership includes parents, grandparents and teachers of children with gifts and talents, G/T coordinators, regular education teachers, school and district administrators, psychologists, counselors and others interested in supporting gifted and talented education.

    Please click here to access the Connecticut Association of the Gifted website:

    All of Connecticut’s gifted, talented, high-potential, and twice-exceptional students and adults have their intellectual, creative, social, and emotional needs met.


    To provide enrichment, resources, and advocacy to develop the talented, gifted, high-potential, and twice-exceptional individuals of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, and the communities who support them in Connecticut.
  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth brings together the brightest minds of the next generation for an unparalleled academic challenge. Since 1979, our nonprofit has served these young scholars and their families through our academic programs, guidance, research, and partnerships.

    Please click here to access the The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth webpage:

  • SENG is a nonprofit organization that empowers families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

    SENG provides support through a variety of programs, all aimed to be inclusive and accessible. We offer online support groups for gifted, talented and twice-exceptional individuals and their parents/guardians, online SENGinars with leading experts, in-person regional mini-conferences and an annual conferenceSENG Model Parent Groups (SMPG) and Facilitator TrainingSENG Library, SENGVine e-newsletter, Continuing Education courses for professionals, workshops, and more! 

    For additional information on SENG, please visit their website:

  • The Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development is one of the leading centers in the world in the area of gifted education and talent development. Their mission is to promote enjoyment, engagement, and enthusiasm for learning in teachers and students at all levels of education through high-quality research and outreach on innovative teaching approaches. Their work in talent development and gifted education is based on practical applications of over four decades of research, as are the direct services we provide to teachers, administrators, researchers, and policy makers throughout the world.

    For additional information on the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development, please click here:

  • The Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) began in 1984 with a single session in New Jersey and has expanded over the past 35 summers to include 9 residential sessions in 4 states offering overnight and day options for students ages 9-17, and 10 additional day-only programs for commuting students ages 5-12. SIG has also expanded to included online program options to its students.

    SIG provides academically advanced students with an interesting and challenging educational experience. The program combines remarkable academic courses with cultural, social, and recreational opportunities. The academic program is central to the design and purpose of SIG. Our program provides students with academic challenges designed to fit their abilities and interests. It also provides them with the opportunity to engage with other students who have similar abilities and interests. Because of our small classes, low teacher-student ratio, and teaching assistants, we are able to individualize the program for each and every student.

    For additional information on the Summer Institute for the Gifted, please click here:

Special Education Resources

  • Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Inc. (CPAC) is a statewide nonprofit organization that offers information and support to families of children with any disability or chronic illness, age birth through 26. The Center is committed to the idea that parents can be the most effective advocates for their children, given the confidence that knowledge and understanding of special education law and its procedures can bring.

    Through outreach efforts and referrals from schools, social service agencies and other parents, the number of families that Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center serves has grown dramatically over the past 38 years. We continue to take pride in providing prompt and personal assistance to all who contact us. CPAC is staffed by parents of children with disabilities who have training in, and personal experience with, the law and disability issues.

    In addition to speaking with parents on a daily basis, CPAC staff conduct workshops for parents as well as in-service presentations for schools, teachers-in-training and service providers throughout the state so that they may better understand and serve the parents with whom they work. Staff and Board members serve on numerous statewide committees and various organizations, representing issues that are of concern to parents and families in Connecticut.

    For additional information on CPAC, please click here. 

  • ASRC has led the way in advocating at the state level for family and adult services for over 20 years, and continues to be a voice in Hartford to help expand on those services now in place.

    A key player in creating the pilot program for adult services, the Division of Autism, and the Waiver for adults with ASD, all located within the Department of Developmental Services, ASRC has also served as a participating stakeholder on many committees, councils and other bodies at the state level including the Advisory Council for the Autism Division currently located at The Department of Social Services.

    Autism Services & Resources Connecticut, Inc. (ASRC) serves a vital role in helping to educate and empower individuals and families affected by autism. As the state leader in advocacy, training and family support, ASRC is here to enhance the lives of those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as well as their families. 

    To learn more about the ASRC organization, click on this link.

  • APECSct was founded by a parent of a child with special challenges. It was created to help those families find support and obtain the information that they needed in order to get the child the support and services necessary. 

    Their page was developed to help families with children with special needs, developmental disorders or learning disabilities.

    For additional information, please visit their page by clicking here.