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Gifted & Talented

Norwalk Public Schools is committed to educating our children to their highest potential, affirming that outstanding talents are present in children and youth from all cultural groups and across all economic strata. The program offers opportunities for peer groups to challenge and learn from one another and develops a desire for excellence and a sense of individual responsibility to the school community and to a changing society.

The newly redesigned Gifted & Talented program will provide advanced, conceptually challenging, in-depth cross-curricula content which focuses on authentic research and problem solving skills. Staff will provide facilitation to support students to become independent and self-aware learners. Language, reading and writing are embedded across all disciplines. Differentiation allows for acceleration in all curriculum areas as may be appropriate for the individual student through curriculum compacting.

The program is aligned with best practices of the National Association of Gifted Children and is guided by the Renzulli Model of Schoolwide Enrichment. 


We are committed to nurturing the whole child’s distinct and diverse strengths, talents, and passions in order to develop student-driven critical thinking, authentic learning, individual responsibility, and global citizenship.


We believe gifts and talents are present in all children. Through the cultivation of enjoyment, engagement, and enthusiasm for learning, we will nurture students’ unique social-emotional needs and creative thinking practices. As a result, students will contribute to their school, community, and society as constructive and innovative global citizens.

 For students:

  •  Explore strengths and interests
  •  Develop critical thinking and creativity skills
  •  Participate in student-driven authentic learning experiences

 For educators: 

  •  Ongoing professional development 
  •  Knowledge of current and relevant pedagogy
  •  Usage of evidence-based practices and assessment data to inform instruction

 For programming:  

  •  Fostering social-emotional learning
  •  Enrichment based on student interest
  •  Equitable identification processes and services 

The G&T Department will provide regular informational postings on the teaching and learning strategies, parent resources as well as monthly highlights of program implementation. For further information contact Lori Leibowitz, Coordinator of Gifted and Talented at or Yvette Goorevitch, Chief of Specialized Learning at

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