NPS Students On Track To Earn State Seal Of Biliteracy

NPS Students On Track To Earn State Seal Of Biliteracy
Posted on 01/25/2019
Seal of Biliteracy

A group of NPS high school students are on their way to earning the Connecticut State Seal of Biliteracy, an award which recognizes those who have studied and demonstrated proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation.


Brien McMahon and Norwalk High School seniors successfully completed the Assessment of Performance toward Proficiecy in Languages or the Latin Interpretive Reading Assessment to demonstrate their use of another language other than English.


These students will receive a Seal on their diplomas at graduation. Additionally, the award will be noted on their transcripts after completing all English language arts graduation requirements.  


Congratulations to the Norwalk High School students on their mastery of The Seal of Biliteracy assessment:


Spanish                                                          Russian

Alondra Sanchez Minaya                           Aleksandra Phillips

Chantal Velázquez                                     

Kayla  Alvarado                                           Polish

Mateo Roldán                                              Julia Turek

Nicole Sánchez Minaya     

Isabella Ramos                                             Latin

Angel Espana                                               Angelica Martin Charles

Mykol Reyes Alvarado      

Adriana Gudiel        

Fredy Rosales-Santos          

Sebastian Mercado

Daniel De Menezes 

Itzel Becerril  

Shawn Ramirez

Dayanara Acuna    

Rosy Guevara



Congratulations to the Brien McMahon High School students on their mastery of the Seal of Biliteracy assessment:



Riana Soliven



Devin Stevens Jordan                     Fabiana Infantes

Lizbeth Bauza                                    Davis Del-Cid

Cindy E Reyes Carrera                    Josue Campos

Jacksson Carpico                            Frida Sofia Avila

Santiago Henao                               Nardo Josue Aguirre Vazquez

Liliana Sofia Solis Colmenares        Tarcy Castro 

Osar Asael Dormes Rodrigeuz       Pablo Ham Sagostume

Mario Gutierrez                                Maria  Gomez

Rainer Martinez-Peralta                  Carolyn Priscilla Merino Lara         

Brian Madrigal         


“Offering the opportunity to earn the Seal of Biliteracy sends the message to our students that Norwalk values the World Language Program and encourages students to pursue proficiency in a second language,” says Janine Goss, K-12 Director of Humanities.  “Student dedication to take the exam also demonstrates that they are prepared to engage in the rigorous academic expectations found in the college and career pathways.”


Rather than show their knowledge of the language, to attain the Seal of Biliteracy, students must show proficiency in the 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing found in the ACTFL  (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) guidelines.  


Both native and non-native speakers of English must provide comparable evidence of English language proficiency. English Language Learners now have the opportunity to be recognized for their  academic  linguistic skills in both their primary  language and English as their secondary  language. Students who intend to take an AP or IB language exam will also be eligible to earn the Seal after completing all English language arts graduation requirements.  


This honor, was established by the State Board of Education in 2017 to recognize a critical 21st-century language and communication skill.