Summer Reading Grades K - 5

June 2015

Dear Elementary Parents/Guardians and Students,

ESPAÑOL Lectura de Verano 2015

There are many reasons to read to learn something new, to keep reading skills sharp, and also to dream, to laugh, to wonder, to grow!!  We want Norwalk’s students to experience all of these things this summer. That is why we invite our elementary students and their families to participate in the 2015 Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge!  This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story!”

The librarians from the Norwalk Public Library have been visiting all twelve of our elementary schools to kick off the summer reading program.  The importance of reading during the summer cannot be emphasized enough.  We encourage students to read many books this summer, fiction as well as nonfiction (informational).  Just like practicing swimming, baseball, dance, or playing an instrument, it is important to practice good reading skills over the summer. 

“Every Hero Has a Story” is an engaging theme for summer reading.  Reading about heroes can inspire students as they learn about the journeys and sacrifices of real people.  Reading about heroes can introduce students to new role models and ways of helping others.  Reading about heroes can launch creativity as students read about fictional characters and imaginative adventures and comical predicaments. 

To participate in the 2015 Governor’s Summer Reading Program, students must sign up online.  Parents must provide permission by clicking on the link and providing information as directed:

  • For students entering Kindergarten:

    • For every 15 books that are read to students, students will win a prize at the Norwalk Public Library and a raffle ticket to win Kindle Fires, Amazon gift cards, and Lego kits.

  • For students entering grades 1 through 5:

    • For the first five books students read, they will win a prize at the Norwalk Public Library.

    • For every five books read, students will be entered into a raffle to win Kindle Fires, Amazon gift cards, Lego kits, and a bag of new books.

  • Read a variety of fiction and nonfiction books.  Students can choose books on the suggested Summer Reading List, or they can choose their own books.

  • Log on to the above link to enter the books students have read by August 30, 2015 to be eligible for prizes. 

Attached to this letter is the suggested Summer Reading List for the grade level which your student will be entering next year.  A paper book log is also included for students to keep track of their books read.  However, in order to be eligible for prizes, students must enter their books read in the online portal.

Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.”  - Fred Rogers

Be a hero and support your student(s) to be part of the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge.

 Happy Reading!

 Dr. Maureen Ruby and Danielle D’Andrea

Norwalk Public Schools’ K-5 Literacy Team