Summer Reading Grades 6-8

June 2015


Dear Middle School Students and Parents/Guardians:

‚ÄčESPAÑOL 2015  6-8 Lectura de Verano 

ENGLISH 2015  6-8 Summer Reading 

Summer break is an ideal time to support our students as readers. In order to maintain the skills students have acquired in school, it is essential that they continue reading at least 30 minutes daily during the summer months.  This year’s summer reading plan aligns with our new English Language Arts curriculum and the Connecticut Core Standards. 


To the left you will find the Suggested Summer Reading List for the grade level which your student will be entering in Fall 2015.  Students can choose to read books that are not on the list as long as their selection relates to the theme of truth and reality.  This year students can win prizes from the Norwalk Summer Reading Committee by registering and maintaining an online book log as described below.  Prizes include 2 Kindle Fires with $50 Amazon gift cards, tickets to NY Comic Con, and much more.  Please refer to the following information for participation in the district-wide summer reading plan:  

  • Summer reading assignments are required at the middle school and count as one homework grade

  • Read two (2) books: one (1) fiction and one (1) nonfiction.

  • Write one (1) objective summary about one of the books.  The objective summary must be between 200-300 words in length and must be submitted to the English Language Arts teacher on Friday, September 4, 2015.  See the attached Summer Assignment page for details.

  • Students who wish to be eligible for prizes through the public libraries must register at and log the books they have read online by midnight August 30, 2015.


This letter, the Suggested Summer Reading Lists, and Summer Assignment can be found on the following websites: 

We wish to thank our community’s libraries for their commitment to supporting our students’ participation in Summer Reading 2015. Please visit your local library throughout the summer months, as the librarians are ready and eager to assist our students in selecting books. Enjoy your summer and your search for the truth!


Best regards,


Jean M. Evans Davila
Instructional Specialist for 6-12 English Language Arts
Norwalk Public Schools


Sherelle Harris, Assistant Director                  Stan Siegel, Executive Director
Norwalk Public Library                                              East Norwalk Library


Lisa Story, Teen Librarian                               Melissa Yurechko, Director                                
Norwalk Public Library                                    Rowayton Library