Elementary Progress Reports

Elementary Progress Reports
Posted on 12/11/2014
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K-5 Progress Reports will be sent home on Friday, December 12.   Parents should review and keep their child's report, but are asked to sign the envelope that the Progress Report came in and return it to your child’s teacher

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This new, standards-based Progress Report is designed to communicate what students are expected to know and be able to do, as set forth in the Connecticut Core Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, as well as content area Learning Standards established by the Connecticut State Education Department. It represents the rigor required to build a strong foundation for college and career readiness. Students are expected to meet each year’s grade specific standards, and retain or further develop skills and understanding mastered in preceding grades.

The report includes specific items related to the knowledge and skills students should attain by the end of the year.  Unlike previous progress reports, this new Progress Report uses four numbers, 1 through 4, to reflect your child’s progress toward meeting each standard. These numbers are aligned with performance levels indicating how a student is progressing towards meeting the learning standards for the year. Each content area of the report card also includes marks to reflect your child’s efforts toward meeting specific standards.

Please note that the numbers 1-4 ARE NOT the same as an “A, B, C, F” or “Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor” grading system.  The Connecticut Core Standards represent “end-of-year” expectations for students; as a result, the ratings outlined in the Progress Report reflect the student’s current progress towards meeting these end-of-year standards. 

A more detailed explanation of each performance level is found in the Guide to Standards Based Grading, available at the link here:    GUIDE TO STANDARDS-BASED PROGRESS REPORT

Paper copies of the Guide were distributed last month during conference time, and are also available for review in the main office of your child’s school.

Parents should review and keep their child's report.  To acknowledge that reports have reached home, parents are asked to sign the envelope that the Progress Report came in and return it to your child’s teacher.