School Start Time Committee

School Start Time Committee
Posted on 12/11/2018
Sleep InfographicThe Centers for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics are in agreement: later school start times are better for the physical, emotional and educational needs of adolescent students. Biologically, teens are simply programmed to wake later and go to bed later. 

With research about adolescent health and sleep habits in mind, the Board of Education agreed to examine and develop plans to address the expert findings on later high school start times.

Superintendent Dr. Steven Adamowski has formed a School Start Time Committee that will begin to examine the best way to implement later start times for high school students. The committee consists of representatives from a variety of areas including health, sports, school operations, transportation, and communications, as well as parents, a sleep expert, teachers, principals and administrators.

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While the scientific research is clear, we know there are many logistical challenges to modifying school schedules. The impact on afterschool sports and activities, student employment, childcare, bus schedules, and much more will be part of the discussion. More about this important topic will be shared over the coming weeks and months as the committee develops its recommendations. A survey of students and parents, as well as several focus groups, are also planned.