Naramake Teachers To Present Program Success At National Conference

Naramake Teachers To Present Program Success At National Conference
Posted on 05/31/2018
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Educators from Naramake Elementary School will present as the nation’s first Quad D Laboratory School at the 26th Annual Model Schools Conference in Orlando this summer. During the 2017/2018 school year, Naramake Elementary School partnered with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) to innovate new curriculum and instructional practices focusing on an increase in rigor and relevance in their classrooms to increase student achievement for all learners.


Naramake 3rd grade teachers, Cherie Duque, Lavone Roberson and Scott Santaniello and 4th grade teachers, Alison Aymerich, Suzanne Coridan and Kathleen Durkin will present at the conference along with Interim NPS Chief Academic Officer Craig Creller, K-12 Director of Humanities Janine Goss, Naramake Curriculum and Instruction Site Director Shannon Roman and Naramake Principal Jane Wilkins.


Following the Rigor/Relevance Framework, Quad D learning provides students with opportunities to compose, create, design, invent, research and justify whether engaging in math curriculum topics such as division or interactive learning about the history of Thomas Jefferson. Learning relationships between teachers and students also play an important role in Quad D classrooms.


“There has been an incredible transformation with grade 3 and 4 students and teachers at Naramake this year. By engaging with the Quad D system, educators were able to flip a traditional teaching method on its head to allow students to take ownership and be accountable for their thinking and working,” said Creller.


Educators and thought leaders from across the country will learn the value of creating a Quad D school, which provides a 21st century hands-on learning experiences for all students. The Naramake team will share testimony of how embracing the philosophy of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships has led to positive, transformational change. They will also discuss challenges and successes experienced along the way, and lead small group question and answer sessions.