NPS Launches Digital Flyer System

NPS Launches Digital Flyer System
Posted on 11/01/2017
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Tired of digging around in the bottom of your children’s backpacks for crumpled up flyers? Beginning November 3, NPS will send school-approved digital flyers directly to your inboxes through a flyer management system called Peachjar.
Peachjar flyers will also be available on the school websites. Now, families can easily find and view flyers and take action immediately to sign up for activities and events.
In addition to being eco-friendly, Peachjar helps cut costs and save time. On average, school districts using Peachjar have saved $36,000, 740 hours of manpower and 84,000 sheets of paper.
If your organization is interested in submitting a flyer for a nonprofit or free event, you may register with Peachjar as a “Program Provider” and upload your flyer for distribution to your desired school(s).
After your flyer has been submitted, it will be routed automatically to the school district office for approval, and then emailed as a visually engaging image to all parents who have their email address on file at the district.