Silvermine School learning Commons Project

Posted on 01/22/2015

The Board of Education honors the parents, staff and students of Silvermine Elementary School.

 Inspired by the District’s vision for converting school libraries into 21st Century “Learning Commons,” the PTO Board of Silvermine recently completed a project to renovate its outdated library into a Learning Commons.  An excellent example of teamwork, the PTO believed in the vision of providing students with a new and up-to-date space for reading, collaborating on school projects and for using technology tools for learning.

In December, members of the Board of Education had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening of the new Learning Commons at Silvermine Elementary School.  The new, updated library has movable shelves, a laptop and study bar, new carpet tiles, a modernized circulation desk, and new tables and desks for students.  It is a modern and welcoming space for all.

This project could not have been completed without the full support of parents and students.  Funds for the renovation were raised through walk a thons and other fundraising events.  Many local businesses and donors also supported the school by contributing funds or merchandise to help guarantee the success of the fundraisers for this cause. 

 Beyond fundraising, parents throughout Silvermine also played a pivotal role by providing services and their talents at a reduced cost, so that the entire project could be completed in the fall.  PTO President Lorena Davison spearheaded the project.  Parents Alejandra Nunes and Barbara Varracchi volunteered interior design and architecture services.  Junior Zelaya served as the Contractor.  Maya Santangelo contributed her skills as a muralist to put the finishing touches on an attractive and inviting space. 

 Teachers also pitched in during the summer to pack all of the books in the library so that work could be started as soon as possible. In the fall, librarian Joanna Cimoch reshelved all of the books in time to re-open in November. 

Congratulations to Principal Ivette Ellis, the Silvermine PTO, and all parents, staff, students and community members who participated in this project.  We are very proud of all those who worked together to create an appealing and fun work space for students.