Board of Education Committees

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2017 Board of Education Committees

Finance Negotiations and Personnel Policy
2nd Thursday As Needed 1st Tuesday
Bryan Meek, Chair Mike Lyons, Chair Heidi Keyes, Chair
Mike Barbis  
Mike Barbis Erik Anderson
Mike Lyons           Bryan Meek Mike Barbis
Bruce Kimmel
Curriculum and Instruction School Facilities / Planning Executive Committee
3rd Tuesday 4th Monday Tuesday preceding Board meetings

Mike Barbis, Chair Mike Barbis (BoE Chair)

Heidi Keyes
Erik Anderson (BoE Vice Chair)

Bryan Meek Bryan Meek (BoE Secretary)

Norwalk Facilities Commission City Master Plan Norwalk Early Childhood Council Liaison
Mike Barbis Erik Anderson Heidi Keyes
NEF Representative CES Representative Athletics Liaison
Bryan Meek Barbara Meyer-Mitchell
City Safety Committee Liaison
Special Education Adult Education Liaison

2nd Tuesday
     Erik Anderson, Chair     
PTOC Liaison  Jacquelyn Lamb (Teacher)              Middle School Redesign Liaison  
Erik Anderson  Jeff Spahr (Parent)               Heidi Keyes 
Natalie Alonso (Parent)

Jeffry Spahr (Parent)
Jeffry Spahr (Parent)
Jeffry Spahr (Parent)

Natalie Alonso (Parent)

Natalie Alonso (Parent)